Principal’s Word

The most important ingredient for student success is a total positive belief about them selves. Providing good education can be possible by uplifting the confidence of children.

For this opportunities are provided to the teachers to mould and motivate the students and chisel out their best personalities. As only a positive mind can produce good healthy students with talents & skills. Than only their desire to reach a higher and meaningful goal will be correctly selected. And they will excel in their lives. The morning assembly daily enriches their mind with thematic public speaking & prayer we are aiming to flame their light in such a way, which will enlighten their hearts & minds. Our focus is to manage the students and to enable them to achieve their targets.

We are striving and struggling to discipline their minds & behavior and of course it is and ongoing development, today’s education is far different from our ancestors time. Teacher was treated as a ‘God that time but now the role of a teacher is like a facilitator. Teacher guides them to do things rather than just reading about it. By doing when they learn is never erased from them minds. Education has become technical and interesting as well, at the tap of a button the whole world is around a child through internet. So to make him adaptive on such a platform we train them and discipline them here.

Our student matter to us more than anything. Our goal is to make learning more interesting & easy for them. Education is not limited in the class room teachings through books but is acquired every moment in every breath that we take. so for outstanding excellent personalities keep going on. Take learning in your stride and be a doer & a learner through out.

God bless you

 Mohini Albert


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